Dear Music,

Music is my superhero.


In a world which is often so full of hate and uncertainty, there is always one thing that speaks love and that is Music.


Music gives me a purpose;

When I wake up, I listen to Music.

When I drive to work, I listen to Music.

When I am sat at my desk, I listen to Music.

At the gym, I listen to Music.

When I am cooking, I listen to Music.

When I lay down to go to sleep, I listen to Music.


Music is the biggest part of my day, the most constant thing in my week and the most comforting thing in my year.


On the days when I feel most alone, Music is always there with me. When I feel like there are more bad days than good, I get to a live event and I am proved so wrong. Music lives. Music speaks. Music saves.


Music has gotten me through the toughest, most painful and worst days of my life. My favourite artists have sung to me on my loneliest nights.

Maddie & Tae have kept me company on my longest journeys.

Kate Voegele has distracted me on my saddest and most difficult days.

Maren had conversations with me when nobody else could.

Carrie held my hand when nobody else would.

These people became my friends.


So many people, like me, have a place to call home because of Music. Even those people who feel like they don’t belong anywhere have found their way because of the artists who gave a little bit (or sometimes a lot) of themselves for the benefit of us, the listeners.


But, what is the most special thing about Music? It unites. I have met the most amazing, strong, courageous, beautiful and hilarious friends through our mutual loves of certain artists. Friendships which continue to grow with each album release, tour announcement and festival attendance.


So thank you Music, thank you for being my superhero.





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