I Am Here To Tell You That You CAN Have It All.

I had been thinking about this topic for a couple of days now and last night a friend of mine posted a vlog discussing the exact same thing so she has given me the push I need to post this.

So recently I have been reading a book by Jack Canfield called “The Success Principles – How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.”

There is no other way to describe this book than life changing. I know how absolutely cheesy that sounds but it doesn’t matter what area of your life you use the book in reference to – it will change the way you think, speak and act. Without a doubt.

Personally, I am reading the book with an entrepreneurial head on as it has the potential to catapult me into huge success but this book can guide you in any area of your life –  relationships, dreams, aspirations, career, finance, parenting. Literally anything you wish to see more of in your life, let this book be your guide.

In the particular chapter that I am making reference to today(Principle 3). Jack asks us to “Decide what you want”

What are your desires? What does success and stability look like to you? What does happiness look like to you? Jack tells us that the reason that most people don’t get the things they want, is that they haven’t actually decided what that is.

When we are babies, we know how to get what we want. When we don’t get it, we cry until our parent provides it for us. The same behaviour carries through to when you are a toddler. This made me think of my own nephew and my friends’ toddlers. I have often heard the phrase “he (/she) has no fear” from their parents. Do you notice how a toddler will take risks? They will climb on furniture to reach something, they will reach out to pet a dog not knowing whether their hand will be bitten or not, they will spit out or refuse the food they didn’t want to eat. This is because they know exactly what it is they want and they will do anything necessary to get there.

As children get older, society poisons us with fear. We grow up being told “No” or “don’t do that” or “You can’t have everything you want” or “keep your hands to yourself” or “stop crying”. This is called “early childhood programming”.

Our role models in life do what they do because they feel like they are protecting us. They feel they are shaping us into good human beings. They are telling us not to do things in order to keep us safe from the pain of the big bad world. Or so they think. What they are actually doing is instilling fear into us and limiting our hopes, dreams and thoughts.

As we progress through life we learn to do the things we need to do in order to get approval. We go to University because that’s what our older siblings did, we get the 9-5 job because that’s what Dad said we should do. We do things that we don’t really want to do in order to please others.

I know that through my experiences as a teacher and as an aunt and God mother to my nephew, it is my responsibility to set boundaries for children whether it be in the classroom or taking care of my family but I never want to be the type of teacher or aunt who places my limiting beliefs on the children in my care. Each and every child has a unique and precious mind and they can be and they can have exactly what they want. They just need to decide what that is and to be told that it is okay to have a dream. I am not saying that these dreams and aspirations are just going to fall into their laps one Monday morning. They will have to work hard to achieve their dreams, they will have to take risks and make sacrifices but it is totally possible.

Believe me, it is not too late to decide what you want. I have gone through 2 degrees and started a career as a teacher which, yes is very fulfilling and totally something that I will continue to pursue throughout my life but it is only in the past couple of years that I have realised that I want more from my time on this planet. I have decided that what I really want to do is to help all kinds of people. I have so many things that I want to work towards in the next few years that I won’t get to do in the traditional classroom setting because there are too many targets to achieve and standards to adhere to. My plans include entrepreneurial programs for primary school aged children, allowing them the opportunity to see that they don’t have to conform to the 40 year career that we are pre conditioned to believe is the only way. I WILL get there because I have decided that I will and I am taking risks in order to get me there.

I am going to go after what I want.

Please let go of your limiting beliefs and revert back to that toddler who went towards whatever seemed most exciting to them. Who lived on impulse, who took risks. Believe in the power of you!

I would highly encourage you to get your hands on a copy of Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles – How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be” and study each of his success principles at your own pace. Teach them to your children, share them with your partner and do your best to live out the teachings.

Always travel in the direction of your dreams.


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