How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”


I first heard this sentiment from one of my mentors. In honesty, a lot of my inspiration to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to buttons (how times have changed!!) comes from my amazing mentors who inspire me greatly on a daily basis.

These nine words were a major light bulb moment for me. As cliche as that sounds, the light went on and the lift finally reached the penthouse.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Think about it. How you control any situation in your life, good or bad, is most likely how you manage every situation in your life. Hearing this, just two weeks ago has caused a massive shift in the way I think about thinks, the way I approach people and the way I show up when nobody is watching.

We’ve all heard the saying “Every action has a consequence”. So what are the consequences of not being your best self in every situation?

In the past, for me, I chose escapism in situations that I felt I couldn’t handle.Whether this be prescription drugs, or alcohol or in some cases fleeing – literally escaping. When things happened in my life that I chose not to understand or that I felt I couldn’t handle, I found a way to sound the sirens in my subconscious mind and find a way out. I wasn’t even aware that this was the type of person that I was. They say tough times show tough people, well I can safely say, I didn’t show up the day that was taught at school because I felt that the only thing tough about me, was my luck.

On hearing these nine little words, I realised that in order to feel something different and to see different results in my business and personal life, I needed to be conscious of how I chose to present myself. Conscious of the message I was putting out into the world, conscious of my brand. I needed to be different.


Think about it. Use me as an example.

How did I feel when I woke up in the mornings?  Tired, annoyed, wanting to pull the covers over my head and ignore the world.

How did I perform in my business?  Sluggish, half hearted.

How did I approach a challenge? Do I have to? What’s in it for me?

What were my friendships like?  Strained, needed effort.


How hard did I work in the gym?  Slow, weak, would rather be in my bed.

Do you see the pattern? I am not giving these answers for effect, these are as close to the truth as I can remember. I was literally dubbed “Lazy Lynn” by one of my good friends.

How do I feel when I wake up in the mornings? Energized, excited, ready.

How do I perform in my business?   With passion, tenacity and respect.

How do I approach a challenge?  If I can believe it, I WILL achieve it.

What are my friendships like?  Loving, fun, growing.


How hard do I work in the gym? I have visualised the results I want and I will keep going until I achieve them.

There’s that pattern again.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”



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