Watch me…

When I was a teenager the only thing in the world that I wanted to do was write. I absolutely loved to escape from life reading a book and then rewriting the ending the way I thought it should have happened.

In school, I loved English. Was totally focused in class, while everyone else moaned that English was on the timetable, I was absolutely thrilled to get into that classroom and get lost in literature.

My English teacher was a writer, and not only did she love to write but she taught the skills really, really well and I was remember being so amazed and in awe of her when she told me that her goal was to be a published writer. From that moment I absolutely idolised that teacher (the most uncool thing you can do as a teenager, right?)  because that’s what I wanted to do too. If she could do it, then I could too.

Over the next few years, that same teacher arranged for me to write for various newspapers and children’s publications and showed me what was out there. I even got to experience two consecutive summer internships in a local newspaper, writing small news features. For a 16 year old, this was a huge deal. I had made it. I was a writer.

But with GCSEs and maturity(barely), the questions began to come. What is it you would like to do? What will you study in University? What? what? what?

Writing stories won’t pay the bills. That’s not a job. That’s something you do when you have lots of money and don’t have to go to work. You can do that in your spare time. Keep that as your hobby. All of a sudden, becoming a writer didn’t seem at all possible. It was a dream and those are the things you have when you’re asleep. Not when you are awake and making decisions.

Over the next few years, I trained in various roles in the childcare sector. Had one or two really lovely jobs but I just wanted to write. The passion hadn’t gone away but the time to do it had. Working 8-6 in a Nursery, travelling home and taking on lots of courses and additional skills trainings in the evenings while trying to balance the type of social life a 19 year old girl is supposed to have.

At 20 years and 9 months I finally enrolled in University in London! I had spoken to an advisor and we had come to the conclusion, that in order for me to get the most writing experience in University I should be doing a PR degree.

As a PR student, I had many amazing experiences. Co-founded a society, held events in the University where outside speakers came in to join us. After 3 years, i’d written hundreds of press releases, given presentations, written lots of discursive pieces, written for radio broadcast and even landed an intern position on a online magazine in East London. I still wasn’t writing what I wanted to write. There were no jobs out there that fitted into my vision of being a writer and if there were, they certainly weren’t any that would pay me to live in London.

So, in that moment, I did what 90% of the population do. I put my dreams on a shelf. I made the decision to enrol for a PGCE course which would ultimately lead to a 40 year career as a teacher and not that of a writer.

I am writing this, to make it evident that we are dream stealers. We are so conditioned to the fact that there is only one way to live that we teach the children in our lives not to dream. Not because we don’t see the best in them or that we don’t want them to be a pro athlete, or a dancer, a singer or a writer but because training and practising and editing doesn’t pay the bills. Treating patients, sorting finances, defending in court, teaching children, those things pay the bills. Right? So what, we go to school, go to work, get old and then we die? Is this really what we are up against?

Right now, I am making waves to change this for me. Not only that, I now get to show other people how to do exactly the same. How amazing is that? I am working a plan B income around my full time teaching commitments so that one day very soon, I will have the financial freedom to say goodbye to that 40 year career and I will have the time freedom to sit down and get that book out of my head and onto paper. And you know what? I am absolutely loving my experiences along the way as I build my life by my design.

So I am here to ask you to watch me… hold me accountable to this which I am about to share with you. Ask me about it, challenge me. Push me forward. Please, be a part of it with me.

Over the next few years of my life, I AM going to write that book with the aim for it to be published and I am going to be DAMN proud of me for doing it.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you cannot do something, just go out there and do it and make them feel stupid for ever doubting you. You CAN shine and you WILL shine if you believe you can.

When your little boy or girl tells you he/she wants to be an astronaut or an actress, don’t put their innocent dreams on the shelf beside mine and yours because they deserve better.

[To speak to me about creating your own plan B income and working towards your dream, please get in touch. Let’s make the shelf a little lower to the ground.]


I Am Here To Tell You That You CAN Have It All.


I had been thinking about this topic for a couple of days now and last night a friend of mine posted a vlog discussing the exact same thing so she has given me the push I need to post this.

So recently I have been reading a book by Jack Canfield called “The Success Principles – How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.”

There is no other way to describe this book than life changing. I know how absolutely cheesy that sounds but it doesn’t matter what area of your life you use the book in reference to – it will change the way you think, speak and act. Without a doubt.

Personally, I am reading the book with my entrepreneurial head on as it has the potential to rocket my business into huge success but this book can guide you in any area of your life –  relationships, dreams, aspirations, career, finance, parenting. Literally anything you wish to see more of in your life, let this book be your guide.

In the particular chapter that I am making reference to today(Principle 3). Jack asks us to “Decide what you want”

What are your desires? What does success and stability look like to you? What does happiness look like to you? Jack tells us that the reason that most people don’t get the things they want, is that they haven’t actually decided what that is.

When we are babies, we know how to get what we want. When we don’t get it, we cry until our parent provides it for us. The same behaviour carries through to when you are a toddler. This made me think of my own nephew and my friends’ toddlers. I have often heard the phrase “he (/she) has no fear” from their parents. Do you notice how a toddler will take risks? They will climb on furniture to reach something, they will reach out to pet a dog not knowing whether their hand will be bitten or not, they will spit out or refuse the food they didn’t want to eat. This is because they know exactly what it is they want and they will do anything necessary to get there.

As children get older, society poisons us with fear. We grow up being told “No” or “don’t do that” or “You can’t have everything you want” or “keep your hands to yourself” or “stop crying”. This is called “early childhood programming”.

Our role models in life do what they do because they feel like they are protecting us. They feel they are shaping us into good human beings. They are telling us not to do things in order to keep us safe from the pain of the big bad world. Or so they think. What they are actually doing is instilling fear into us and limiting our hopes, dreams and thoughts.

As we progress through life we learn to do the things we need to do in order to get approval. We go to University because that’s what our older siblings did, we get the 9-5 job because that’s what Dad said we should do. We do things that we don’t really want to do in order to please others.

I know that, as a teacher, it is my responsibility to set boundaries for children in the classroom but I never want to be the type of teacher who places my limiting beliefs on the children in my care. Each and every child in my classroom has a unique and precious mind and they can be and they can have exactly what they want. They just need to decide what that is and to be told that it is okay to have a dream. I am not saying that these dreams and aspirations are just going to fall into their laps one Monday morning. They will have to work hard to achieve their dreams, they will have to take risks and make sacrifices but it is totally possible.

Believe me, it is not too late to decide what you want. I have gone through 2 degrees and started a career as a teacher which, yes is very fulfilling and totally something that I will continue to pursue throughout my life but it is only in the past couple of years that I have realised that I want more from my time on this planet. I have decided that what I really want to do is to help all kinds of people. I have so many things that I want to work towards in the next few years that I won’t get to do in the traditional classroom setting because there are too many targets to achieve and standards to adhere to. My plans include entrepreneurial programs for primary school aged children, allowing them the opportunity to see that they don’t have to conform to the 40 year career that we are pre conditioned to believe is the only way. I WILL get there because I have decided that I will and I am taking risks in order to get me there.

I am going to go after what I want.

Please let go of your limiting beliefs and revert back to that toddler who went towards whatever seemed most exciting to them. Who lived on impulse, who took risks. Believe in the power of you!

I would highly encourage you to get your hands on a copy of Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles – How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be” and study each of his success principles at your own pace. Teach them to your children, share them with your partner and do your best to live out the teachings.

Always travel in the direction of your dreams.

Your Daughters Are Watching…

Now you might first of all think I don’t deserve an opinion on this particular topic and maybe you are right. I am not a mother, this is very true. However, I am a daughter and I am a teacher, every day I am teaching children just like your daughters, so please, humour me and hear me out.

You know those negative, hurtful remarks you make to yourself throughout the day? When you tell yourself you are fat or you need to tone up or you are ugly or you need more make up on or you aren’t good enough? You know the thoughts and comments I mean, right?

So how would it feel if you were to go up to someone and say those things to them? You wouldn’t dream of it, right? So let me ask you this; If it isn’t an acceptable thing to say to somebody else, why on earth would you say it to yourself?

The negative thoughts that go through our minds on a daily basis are most likely to be the harshest, darkest thought we have all day. We don’t deserve to spoken to in this way by anyone, not even ourselves.

How would you feel if someone came up to your daughter and said something horrible to them about their image or personality? It’s a horrible thought, right?

Yesterday, a friend of mine shared a video on Facebook entitled “When your daughters hear you criticising yourself” and there lay the inspiration for this blog. It got me thinking of the children I teach, of the language that they use, which I often refer to as ‘learned language’ meaning that it is not something children just say. It is things they have heard from someone else.

Something that stands out to me is a situation I was in a little while ago, when a 10 year old girl in one of my classes said something  to the group, during a class discussion around healthy living, about her diet beginning the next Monday. I literally couldn’t believe what I was hearing from such a small child. She  continued to tell us she needed to diet to make sure she looked good in her bikini at the swimming pool. I mean.. Come on, she is 10. That poor little girl has learned to be self conscious before she’s even cracked long division. In this situation I managed to turn this into a classroom discussion about what a healthy balanced lifestyle included and we agreed that we do not need to go on diets.

Mothers, what are you saying to yourself in the mirror? Are you loving your bodies? Are you telling yourselves you look good? Because, believe me, your daughters are watching you and they are learning from you. They are mimicking your words and your actions and your beliefs.

Make a list of the things you love about your daughter. She’s beautiful, she’s funny, she looks out for people. The list will go on, you know it. Now, where did your daughter learn to be these amazing things? She learned them from YOU.

Why can’t we be the women who stand in front of that mirror and recognises all of these fabulous things that we can see in other people so clearly but struggle to tells ourselves? Self love is the most important love of all and once we begin to understand the value of the love that we give to ourselves, we will go far. If you struggle with telling yourself how amazing you are, work on it. Tell yourself every day that you are smart, courageous and beautiful. That you are confident and capable. Keep on repeating it until you believe it.

So, empower your children, allow them to believe that they can be and will be everything that they want to be.


What is Network Marketing?

I have been asked this question half a dozen times in the past fortnight so thought I would share what I know to be true about the industry.

“The 40 Year Career VS The 4 Year Career”

Since the commencement of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th Century the idea of a career has been to work 40 hours a week for 40 years.

In our lives and throughout our upbringings, the ‘normal’ path for most of us is;
1. get a good education… a three/four year degree is your ticket
2. get a good job with a big company…with lots of benefits
3. Work there for 40 years, then you can retire and enjoy the GOLDEN YEARS

Don’t you hate the word ‘normal’ ?

Let’s just dispel a myth, going to University does not make you the smartest person in a room. Yes, I may understand the teaching world and the national curriculum better than someone who graduated with a degree in medicine but flip the tables and I know little or nothing about medicine.

We can learn a heck of a lot more about our little world and the people in it just from talking to people, reading non-fiction books from actually being present in our own lives and not viewing everything from a TV, laptop or smart phone screen. (I understand how hypocritical this sounds when I am inviting you to read this online blog but everything in moderation, right?)

The alternative to that 40 year career I mentioned at the top… is Network Marketing!

As a society, we need to get smart on Network Marketing before the forecasted ‘jobless society’ takes a hold. I am not talking about getting an opinion from Sally down the road who worked with (insert MLM company here) 25 years ago and had a horrific experience. I’m talking about really learning the facts about the next trillion dollar industry. Network Marketing is a slick, well maintained industry which has been proven to change lives and realise dreams.

The universal method of operation in a Network Marketing company is to USE the product or service, RECOMMEND their product or service and INVITE people to take a look at their product or service. By doing these 3 simple things you will RECEIVE an income.

But when it comes down to it, it’s not about the industry or the people. It about YOU. What do YOU want? Is it the flexibility to choose what you do, when you work and who you work with? Is it to stay at home with your babies and avoid missing all the ‘firsts’ in their lives? Is it financial freedom? Is it to help others make a better life for themselves and their families? Whatever it is, Network Marketing has the answers and there are hundreds of MLM companies out there now that you can research and find your perfect match. I am forever grateful to my company that I was able to find them.

“This is not a trial run” I think sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race that we feel we are working towards something. “One day when…” But really, YOU ONLY GET ONE LIFE SO MAKE IT THE ONE YOU DREAM ABOUT.

All of the information is based on what I know to be true and my opinions on the industry. I have taken great inspiration from author Richard Brooke and his book “The Four Year Career” which is based on the Network Marketing industry.


All I know for sure about today…

Well, first things first, that picture isn’t entirely correct. I feel I know lots of things. I spent lots of years in study to learn the things I know today. I have learned social behaviours, I have learned how to be a good person and a good friend. I even learned how to run a global business. 

Today, I am not talking about the past. I am not talking about what I know up until today. Today, I am talking about the future.

Sure, I know what I would LIKE my future to look like. I know the things I have envisioned and the requests I have put out to the Universe. I have set my intentions and I am all good with what I FEEL my future will hold. But in reality, I know nothing.

It makes me really sad to see people post about that ‘Sunday night feeling’ or that ‘I hate Monday’ sentiment. I never again want to be in the position where I am dreading the next day, or the next week because I am way too grateful for my life right now. 

For anyone who knows me very well, they will know that Mondays are my absolute favourite! A day full of possibilities. I would be a complete liar and a hypocrite if I said this has always been the case because it hasn’t. For much too long I jumped on the bandwagon of feeling tortured by Monday and I was a walking negativity magnet.

This was until I spent some time and energy on personal development, on mindfulness and I what I gained was a whole heap of gratitude and a ton of perspective! 

I have also spoken to someone, very recently, about this very topic and it was him that I was thinking of this morning when I wrote this into my journal. My friend shared with me that he wished he could have one more Monday with his family member, who he lost a little while ago.  That one cuts like a knife, right?

For me, this spoke volumes. While I was complaining about Monday, there were people saying goodbye to loved ones, people breathing their last breath and people feeling like they just didn’t want to do this little thing we call life anymore. That, my friends is perspective.

So please, when you feel the words ‘i hate Monday’ coming out of your mouth or a negative thought enters your head, think of the people who would love another Monday like today.

The only thing we know for sure about today, is that we have no idea how this week is going to play out. However, I know with absolute certainty that we can control our thoughts, feelings and reactions towards our hurdles. 

So please, try your utmost to enjoy what’s left of today and see every new day as a new possibility, even if there is no lie in involved in the morning!! And if you don’t like what you do, change it! Life is way too short to be working a job that doesn’t serve you. There are other options, believe me, I was lucky enough to find one.

On a final note, has today really been so bad?



Live The Life You Always Wanted

It is conditioned in many of us from a very young age that the simple way that the world works is that you go to school for 14 years, leave with your GCSEs, A levels and the good old ‘record of achievement’ under your arm and head off to University. This is where you will spend 3 or 4 years of your life making bad choices and racking up two lifetimes worth of debt. Then, when you are all grown up, you take a job where you spend 40+ increasingly miserable years waiting to retire.

All too often I hear my colleagues in school say, “Only 2 days until the weekend” or “How many weeks have we got until half term holidays?”.

When you really think about it, it’s sad. You get one, short life and you end up wishing it away. Apparently this is ‘normal’ behaviour. 

Well, Ellen Goodman defined normal as getting up in the morning and putting on work attire. These are clothes that you have had to specifically purchase to wear to work. You then drive to work, through aggravating traffic, in a car that you are still paying for, just to get to your place of work to do a job that you need to pay for those work clothes and that car. Oh, and don’t forget the house that you leave empty all day so that you can afford to live in it.

Why not create a life that you DON’T need a holiday from?

Think of the successful people who have shown us a path to success, Richard Branson made the following statement,

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure that you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”

And  Bill Gates, co-founder of  Microsoft said,

“If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing.”

I am not telling you to join MY Network Marketing company, however much I would absolutely LOVE to get to do life with all of you wonderful people who think like me. What I want to do is to give advice and that advice is to educate yourself in Network Marketing.Find a Network Marketing company that suits you.

Imagine your work attire being your PJS or your comfy clothes, while you work from home 10 hours per week, leaving spare time to enjoy the home that you have worked to create. Imagine earning an income, in those pyjamas, while you sleep! What a about a car? No problem. In our business, we are rewarded for building our business to the 3rd or 4 levels of management.WITH A CAR!

Network Marketing is smart. Think of Uber… They are the fastest growing private car service and they OWN NO CARS.

Think of AirBnB, a global accommodation provider and they OWN NO HOTELS OR GUEST HOUSES.

Get smart!

Trust In The Universe And You Will Live A Fulfilled Life

Anyone who knows me well will have heard me talk about the “Law Of Attraction” and the power of a positive mind. 

So what is the Law Of Attraction (LOA)?

The Law Of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives the things we are focusing on. Everyone is impressionable when it come to the LOA, although not everyone is receptive. 

I often use the term “what you think about, you bring about”

If you continually focus on the negative things in your life, you will begin to see more negative things show up but if you concentrate on the positive, on the goals you want to achieve and you really concentrate on these things, with the help of the universe, you will find a way to achieve them. 

Follow these simple steps to open your mind to the power of the universe. 

  1. Try to spend a short time each day meditating, even if you can only manage 5 minutes of quiet, undisturbed time. Meditation relaxes your mind and allows your brain to function well. 
  2. Decide what you want and be clear. Think of it as placing an order to the universe. When you make your decision, believe whole heartedly that you can have it. Avoid the negative thoughts that say you cannot.If you give out a foggy request to the Universe, the universe will respond with a similarly foggy answer.
  3. Write your intentions down, I like to start mine with “I am so happy now that I have…” or “I am grateful that I…” We call these affirmations, I know that the more I write these down and read my own writing, confirming what I want and reading it allowed, the quicker the universe responds and gives me the things that I have attracted.
  4. Always trust in the Universe. It might sound like the most difficult step of all but once you begin to believe and just resign yourself to the power of the Universe, it will become easy and you will see magic.Don’t look for the things you asked for. Expect them and believe you already have them. Don’t stress about the high or the when because that’s the universe’s job! Trust, trust, trust.

To some people, this will all sound entirely unbelievable and for those, I encourage you to exercise due diligence. Read up on the success stories from people who have chosen to trust the Universe. 

For many, it will sound too good to be true. I urge you to read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, or listen to the audio book. 

I introduced a friend of mine to the LOA about a year ago. She looked at me as though I had grown horns from my head. I asked her to humour me and practise the steps above, fully commit and see what happened. I will never forget the day she rang me up bursting with energy, shouting down the phone “It works, it’s not a made up thing, this thing actually works!” Since then, she has been teaching me lots about manifesting.

I can’t wait to hear your success stories!